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A New Discovery: Brain Circuit and Anxiety
A formerly obscure cerebrum instrument that controls anxiety has become exposed. This medical breakthrough can now help us treat behaviors or symptoms associated with anxiety.
Medical Marijuana in the Philippines
Medical marijuana may not be popular in the Philippines, but it may actually be seen as “legal” with RA 9165. Read more on our country’s state with regards to medical marijuana here!
A Lack of Insulin In the Years to Come
Those who use insulin regularly is expected to rise by 20 percent by 2030, and numerous individuals with Type 2 diabetes will not be able to access it, an study from Stanford University suggests.
Universal Health Care Bill Implementation Hindered By Budget Cuts
With the growing need of the Filipino people to rightfully receive access to health care, the Universal Health Care Bill was made to address problems, but budget cuts done to the Department of Health may hamper its implementation



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