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With December rolling in, there’s no doubt that a lot of us will start using fireworks again for our celebrations. Make sure to take the proper safety measures to keep you and your family safe!
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With December rolling in, there’s no doubt that a lot of us will start using fireworks again for our celebrations. An exploding firework is essentially a number of chemical reactions happening in rapid sequence, releasing numerous gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen.

These pyrotechnic devices marks celebrations all over the world.It’s not all good though, as we are about to show you. Here is a brief list of how fireworks can be dangerous to your health and why they should be treated with caution:

  • Smoke

Some of the particles of the smoke emitted by fireworks once they explode pose a health risk to people, most especially those who have asthma or cardiovascular problems. The different colours and effects produced in these displays are achieved by adding metals to the gunpowder. Upon explosion, these release particles that  are small enough in size to be inhaled deeply into the lungs.

Doctors advise that the less we expose ourselves to these kinds of smoke, the fewer the negative effects it will have on our health. The best solution would be to avoid the handling of fireworks or to place yourself away from the wind direction which the smoke will blow towards. Also, use an item that may help you filter the air that you breathe.

  • Burn

The severity of a burn injury depends on the intensity of the heat you come in contact with, and the length of time that it was in contact with the heat or certain chemicals. Burns are classified by the depth of injury, which helps determine the appropriate treatment for each degree.

Initial first aid measures include removing the hand from the source of heat and keeping it clean. The treatment focuses on preventing further problems with stiffness and infection. Simple burns to the hand may be treated at home if the pain can be adequately controlled. However, it should be noted that second to fourth degree burns, especially if they cover most of your body, require hospitalization and special care.

  • Eye Injury

There  is a danger for a firework to fly into your general direction if you are not careful with how you position the pyrotechnic before lighting it. Make sure that the  trajectory is away from you.

If your eye is compromised, make sure to not touch or rub it. Using water or any kind of ointment to try and treat it is also not advised. Instead, get medical care as soon as you can.

  • Pet Care

It is natural for dogs to be afraid of loud noises. The sounds trigger their nervous systems, and they can become anxious or afraid. Running away from the noise is a survival instinct. Compared to humans, the experience of watching or hearing fireworks is very different from a dog’s perspective.

Try to be with your dog in a familiar location where the noise from the fireworks isn’t as loud. Some even go as to buy headphones for their dogs. Although preventing your pets from shivering or shaking may be hard to do, the most important thing to do is to be with your pet and provide them comfort as the loud noises ensue.

For any injury concerning fireworks, make sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Make sure to contact 911, or call your pediatrician. You can also proceed to the nearest medical facility near your home.

If you need any contact details from local pediatricians or medical facilities, SeeYouDoc has you covered! You can see various details of medical facilities on our website:

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