SeeYouDoc Joins University of Perpetual Help - Biñan in their MedFest Event

University of Perpetual Help – Biñan campus, in partnership with SeeYouDoc, concluded a successful event last Friday, October 5 at the Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical University building.
Famela Dahonog
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University of Perpetual Help – Biñan campus, in partnership with SeeYouDoc, concluded a successful event last Friday, October 5 at the Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical University building.

In an effort to reach more practitioners and patients, SeeYouDoc partnered with UPHS-Biñan campus during their MedFest event.

“I knew about SeeYouDoc when I came across their booth in Ateneo last August,” Claudette Faye Cartabio, the SSC president, mentioned in a short interview. This prompted her to get in touch with the See You Doc team as she knew that the future doctors at her school would find the application very interesting.

This one-day event organized by her team together with their student development advisor, Ms. Mona Liza Avelino, was indeed a hit. It was a busy day as many students, medical interns, practitioners and school officials including Mr. Arcadio L. Tamayo, one of the board of directors of UPHS, dropped by the SeeYouDoc booth to know about the product.

The SeeYouDoc team gathered positive responses from various people with one saying that SeeYouDoc is a practical and useful tool for senior citizens who have a hard time personally setting appointments with their doctors. The medical students, on the other hand, were eager to register and learn about what SeeYouDoc can offer. Medical interns and practitioners who were familiar with booking medical appointments online were also excited.

The SeeYouDoc team also garnered interest from medical practitioners about the facility module.

SeeYouDoc is an online medical appointment system that lets you search from a pool of doctors and facilities based on their location, specialization and availability. For practitioners, SeeYouDoc is a channel where they can increase their online presence and effectively manage their schedule and connect with their patients.

With partnerships like this, expect to see and experience more from SeeYouDoc.

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