The Pediatrician’s Role

The first few years of a child is the most crucial part of their childhood. It’s a time for vaccinations, tests, and constant check ups, and what you need is someone who you can trust in all of these and more.
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Pediatricians are medical doctors that focus on the diagnosis and treatment of children with various illnesses. While some may specialize in serious medical conditions in children or pediatric surgery, most act as general practitioners. Pediatricians usually treat common illnesses, chronic infections, and diseases in young children.

However, aside from treating sick children, it is also one of the duties of a pediatrician  to educate and guide parents on the importance of diet, healthy physical and mental exercise, hygiene, and regular check-ups of children. Physicians monitor mental and physical growth, as well as keep all of the records of their patients for evaluation or future use.

Pediatric Services

Pediatricians offer various services to not only children and teens. Their patients’ age range is from newborns all the way to those aged at 21. The following are just some of the services that they offer:

  • Newborn Exams - These exams are usually done within the first 24 hours of life of the baby. Pediatricians take note of the newborn’s measurements such as their weight and height, and they also do screening tests on different vital organs from their skin to their heart and lungs.

  • Well Baby and Childhood Exams - Routine check ups are important since you can monitor your child’s growth and development through these. Similar to newborn exams, pediatricians also take note of the child’s measurements and conduct tests throughout their childhood.  Aside from this, they also conduct vaccinations earlier on.

  • Sports Physicals - These tests are conducted to find out whether or not it is safe for your child to participate in a certain sport

What To Look For In A Pediatrician

  1. Competence

Although it is an obvious trait to look for in your doctor, it is still one of the most important things to look out for. Make sure that your pediatrician is Board Certified. Look out for their specializations, years of experience, and educational background. Aside from these, a doctor’s competence is usually reflected in their reputation with their other patients or their patients’ relatives.

  1. Facilities

The facilities of a pediatrician can either be a hospital or a clinic. Look out for the address of your doctor as well as their contact details and available times. Accessibility in terms of location and availability is important because you have to make sure that the facility location is convenient for you and that your schedule is compatible with the available time slots which the doctor has.

  1. Dedication

Although most pediatricians offer similar services to one other, what they differ in is the quality with which they conduct their services. Make sure to approach a doctor who can be just as dedicated and as invested as you are in your child’s health and development even though they may have other patients.

  1. Accredited HMOs

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) are more commonly known as health insurance.  HMOs are advantageous because this means that you do not require claim forms to see a  doctor or during hospital stays. Aside from this, it also provides you medical services on a prepaid basis, so looking for a doctor that accepts HMOs which your child has would be convenient for you.

These four factors are just a few that you should look out for in your pediatrician. Make sure to approach someone who you can trust with your child’s health and development. However, calling different doctors and inquiring all of these takes a lot of time and effort. And with SeeYouDoc, we offer you these pieces of information right at your fingertips!

Aside from their basic information such as their names, contact details, and available times, we also show you the career profile of our doctors as well as the different facilities that they work in and their accredited HMOs. With SeeYouDoc, we provide you your healthcare solution.

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