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SeeYouDoc allows facilities to widen their reach with regards to marketing. Not only this, but it also provides an avenue for patients to submit their inquiries. The facility will be able to manage the following: their bookings for their doctors, a page for their departments, as well as a page for job opportunities which people can apply for. Lastly, it also provides patients with the schedules of their doctors, which will benefit both patients and practitioners.

Search and Select feature in SeeYouDoc

What does SeeYouDoc offer registered facilities?

Online Profile
Customize your online profile and add details such as your doctors, departments, and promos

Reports and Analytics
Your whole facility in one page. It even includes real time analytics.

Book Appointments
Patients can easily book appointments on the day itself and proceed to the clinic after the doctor confirms

Doctors Management
Easily search various doctors’ schedules as well as their room numbers within the facility.

Promo and Advertising Management
You have the power to manage your public page. You can update your latest promos

Departments and Services Management
A listing of your departments and services. You can manage all of the departments and services offered in your facility.

Job Management
For those who are administrators of the portal, you can post available jobs and collect a list of applicants.

Assistant Module
Manage your assistants who can access your portal

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Add A Facility?
How Much Does SeeYouDoc Cost?

There is a Free and Premium option for SeeYouDoc. The difference of the two however, is that Premium offers more options such as: Profile Administration, Promo and Advertising Management, HMO Management, and Reports and Analytics. To find out more, visit our Pricing page.

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