Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Is SeeYouDoc free for patients?
Can every doctor join SeeYouDoc?

Doctors with licensure, have good standing with state medical boards, and meet a number of guidelines are qualified to join SeeYouDoc

How much will my doctor visit cost?

Cost for a visit to a doctor’s office varies on the services rendered and the way in which the visit is paid for.

Where can I learn more about SeeYouDoc's approach to data and privacy?
  • Privacy Policy: Our agreement with you to protect your data.
  • Terms and Conditions:Your rights, responsibilities, and your relationship with SeeYouDoc and our providers.
Is SeeYouDoc available in other countries?

Currently, SeeYouDoc’s services are only available in the Philippines.

The Basics

What do you mean by practitioner?
What do you mean by practice?

It may refer to medical or dental practice. It pertains to the act of providing professional medical or dental care to patients with particular focus on the detection, prevention, and/or treatment of diseases and injuries.

What do you mean by facility?

It is otherwise known as the clinic or hospital. It is where the doctor practices medicine or dentistry.

What do you mean by practice assistant?

Sometimes referred to as the nurse or dental assistant. This person provides assistance to the doctor and patient before, during, and after an appointment.

What do you mean by patient?

This is the person who has health concern(s) that require medical and/or dental intervention(s).

For Patients

Register and Login Account

How can I register as a patient?
Can I login using Facebook?

Yes, you can login using the email address you input when accessing your Facebook account. However, SeeYouDoc does not require you to use the same password as the one you have for your Facebook account.

Can I log in using my Google Account?

Yes, you can log in using the email address you input when accessing your Google account. However, SeeYouDoc does not require you to use the same password as the one you have for your Facebook account.

Search Doctors

How can a patient find a doctor?
What does the map show?

The map points the location of the facilities relevant to the search a user has made. The information about the doctors practicing a certain facility displayed in the map is also displayed.

Can I filter my search preferences?

Yes. It can be sorted by city, doctor, insurance, and specific name of the doctor/facility. It can also order by alphabetically and by the nearest facility. €-€-€-

Booking Appointments

How can a patient book an appointment with a doctor?
Can I book an appointment for another person?

Yes. Kindly supply the required information to proceed with the booking.

Will a patient be guaranteed of the slot he or she booked using SeeYouDoc?

SeeYouDoc promises no guarantee that appointments booked using the portal will be honored at all times as they may be subjected to factors beyond our control.

Will a patient receive a notification of a booked appointment?

Yes. a patient will receive a notification of the booked appointment with a pending status. Patient will then receive a new email that the booked appointment was approved once the doctor confirms the schedule.

Is there a limit on booking an appointment?

Yes. Patient can only book 3 pending appointments per day. If an appointment has been approved you can again book another appointment to a doctor.

If I still have a pending appointment with a doctor, Can I book him/her again in different time slot?

No, a patient can’t book a new appointment to the same doctor unless the appointment was approved or cancelled. What will be available will be to book a new appointment to a different doctor in a different time slot

Can I book appointment with doctors same with my previous appointment schedule regardless if pending or approved?

No. Patient can’t book an appointment with the same time slot if there already has been an appointment made regardless if the status is pending or approved

Manage Account

What if I forgot my password?
How can I change my profile picture?

Login to access the Patient Profile Homepage, on the upper right corner of the page click on your name or avatar, a dropdown will show, click on Account Setting. Browse for a photo to be used as profile photo by clicking the grey square button with the icon of a paperclip. Click the desired photo, open then click Save changes button

Can I import my account from Facebook or Google?

Yes. Go to the Account Settings, choose where to import your account from Facebook or Google, then it will be prompted to login using Facebook or Google credentials.

Manage Appointments

Can I reschedule an appointment with the same doctor?
Can I cancel my pending appointment?

Yes, a pending appointment can be cancelled by going to a specific appointment then click Cancel Appointment. A confirmation alert will appear before cancelling the appointment.

Will a patient receive a notification of a approved/cancelled appointment?

Yes, an email notification will be received by the Patient for approved or cancelled appointment.