Privacy Policy

The privacy of SeeYouDoc’s visitors and registered users are important to us. As an expression of our respect to such, please be informed of how we handle the information you supply us with.

Your willful act of providing us with your personal data is treated as granting us permission to use it in order to extend to you our services which include but are not limited to processing medical and/or dental booking(s), managing patient record(s), generating relevant search results from your inquiry or inquiries.

We may give access to your data to certain third party services providers in order to perform our responsibilities related to your request(s). Third party services providers will not use your data for any other purpose besides what SeeYouDoc and them have agreed upon.

We may likewise use user-provided information and automatically generated and stored user data to effectively carry out our services, improve them, and produce new ones to keep up with the future demands of the market. Rest assured, your data will be handled securely and in good faith at all times.

Last Updated: May 2017

Terms and Conditions

The Terms of Use (Terms) specified here constitute a legal agreement (Agreement) between you (User) and SeeYouDoc (Portal). Such Agreement covers all user activities done in connection with your visit and use of the information and/or services offered by this Portal. Your willful act of using the Portal will be interpreted as an expression of your agreement to be bound by and comply with these Terms and all other applicable laws and regulations. It is best that before you decide to use SeeYouDoc, make sure that you have read and understood the contents of these Terms. In case you do not or in the event that you disagree with any or all parts of this Agreement, please refrain from using this Portal in any way.

Use of Personally Identifiable Information

SeeYouDoc may ask its users to submit personally identifiable information such as name, address, email, and phone number in order to process and serve them with their requests. The aforesaid information may be used to contact users about their appointment requests among others. Such user-submitted information is normally stored, used, and shared among authorized SeeYouDoc representatives and its partners when processing requests and improving the Portal’s services.

Liabilities, Warranties, Indemnities

Users will be held responsible for making sure that their activities with direct or indirect connection(s) to the information and/or service(s) derived from SeeYouDoc does not or do not violate any or all parts of this Agreement.

Without limitation and/or exception, users also agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend SeeYouDoc from any and all allegations, obligations, claims, settlements, demands, suits, judgments, losses, penalties, costs, expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees and costs) which directly, indirectly, and/or consequentially arise out of or in relation to their use of SeeYouDoc and/or its services that damage(s) either you or any other party or parties. The same is true whether or not damages and/or losses incurred by the user was deemed foreseeable and was already brought to the attention of SeeYouDoc’s authorized representative(s).

Age Restriction

Users who are considered minors under the law may use the Portal provided that they do so with expressed permission from their parents or legal guardians.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are data that are stored in a user's computer. They keep track of the user’s activities in a website. SeeYouDoc uses cookies to allow us to gather information that can help us track the user’s browsing habits in order to make advertisements relevant to him or her. You as a user may opt-out or withdraw permission from using cookies by simply setting your web browser to prevent the use of cookies.