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I deal with muscle aches and pains from trauma/accidents, sports injuries, fatigue, overwork, stress and post-procedural effects. I manage neurological symptoms ranging from nerve injuries with numbness, pins and needles, tingling sensation to paralysis or weakness of the limb or entire half of the body such as in stroke or spinal cord injuries; even facial weakness. The most conservative yet fulfilling treatment is physical therapy. I prescribe the treatment and endorse you to our trusted in-house physical therapists. In need of prostheses or orthoses (aka brace, splints)? I can prescribe the one you need and direct you to the right person. If you are having difficulty swallowing, saying things or expressing yourself, I can see you and also refer you to our in-house speech therapist. If you are just interested in getting into exercise, I am certified to prescribe your exercise regimen. Come visit me at the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center at the Third Floor.




University of Santo Tomas

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