For patients

Easily access healthcare service provided by both public and private heatlhcare providers.

Here are the benefits

  • Consult online via video call or onsite at the clinic. It's your choice.
  • Pay only after approval of appointment with your credit card or e-wallet
  • Chat with the doctor for any changes in the schedule.
  • Easily access your medical records for you and your family.

Video call

₱1 per minute

Plus a small percentage fee based on your payment method per approved appointment

Avail healthcare services

For employed doctors

Provide healthcare services within your employed healthcare organization.

Here are the benefits

  • Manage multiple clinics independently
  • Apply jobs remotely with other healthcare organizations
  • Easily manage your schedule with a powerful calendar
  • With EMR (FHIR HL7), Drug Information System (DIS), Triage system, and many more.



Enjoy all the digital innovations for free.

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For business doctors

Manage your medical business for all your clinics with ease.

Here are the benefits

  • Manage single or multiple clinics that can be virtual or onsite.
  • Provide a HD video call quality for your telemedicine services.
  • Get paid 100% of your professional fee with fast payouts on any bank or e-wallet accounts.
  • With EMR (FHIR HL7), Drug Information System (DIS), Triage system, Business system, and many more.


₱200 per month

Unli patients and clinics with no commission fees.

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For healthcare facilities and provider networks

Start using healthcare solutions built for hospitals, healthcenters, LGUs, and healthcare organizations.

Here are the benefits

  • Triage your patients and assign them to your healthcare facilities and clinics through a referral system.
  • Monitor schedules of your healthcare practitioners via a unified calendar system
  • Monitor performances of your healthcare services within a dynamic analytics platform
  • Avail modular healthcare solutions like TB Module, Web Module, and many more for your organization.

Subscription starts at

₱5,000 per month

Price may vary depending on the modules that you will avail.

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