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Create progressive LGUs, smart cities, and stronger HCPNs.

Join our growing community of 37K+ patients, 1.3K+ doctors, and 700+ virtual facilities in the Philippines.


“Our healthcare providers have expressed how easy and seamless it is for our patients to access treatment and how quickly they can provide the necessary care. Access to treatment and medical personnel is crucial. We may think it's a small matter, but it's very important for our communities.”


Dr. olga virtusio / Parañaque City Health officer, 2023

For Doctors
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what you get

Smart tools to cross-connect doctors, facilities and patients in your network

switch to paperless

With our virtual health tools such as EMR and online payments, you’ll spend less time recording manually, and more time actually helping patients.

get collaborative

Your platform grows more powerful the more players are involved. Invite doctors, brgy health centers, and even private clinics for easier patient cross-referrals.

no stress with Auto-payouts

Automate the process of distributing payments or commissions to doctors and the organization. Auto-payouts ensure timely, accurate, and hassle-FREE disbursement of earnings.

Add-ons & modules

Add modules to fight specific diseases (e.g. Tuberculosis) or enhance your experience (e.g. custom website, analytics)



What is SeeYouDoc?

SeeYouDoc offers a full suite of innovative tools to support the telemedicine adoption of both private and public medical facilities at any shape and size. Backed by the DOST-PCHRD funded SeeYouDoc Analytics and the WHO-supported Telemedicine Roadmap, our platform makes us the catalyst for revolutionizing healthcare systems.

Join us in shaping the future of telemedicine.

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IN PHOTO: The 2023 Urban Health Project teams: SeeYouDoc (contractor), the WHO Philippines (benefactor) and the Parañaque City Health Office (beneficiary) poses for a group picture to celebrate the project closeout: Scaling-up Telemedicine, Digital Health, and Model Barangay Health Centers in Urban Health Project Sites of Parañaque City taken Oct 16, 2023 at the Holiday Inn, Makati City.

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